Love who looks back at you in the mirror

I’m gonna teach you a little mind control technique to help you fall in love with your reflection…

And you don’t have to do anything “woo woo” or off the wall either…

This trick is important because the happier you are with the way you look, the higher your self-esteem will be.

The trick I want to share with you is called “framing”.

But first consider this, most women who suffer from the signs of aging look in the mirror and believe that their beauty is fading…

And it’s not their fault…

They compare themselves with airbrushed models on magazine covers…

But cannot compare yourself with something that’s fake. You have to look for truth.

Here’s what worked for me:

Admire beautiful celebrities yes, but find other heroes, people who do not trade on their looks for a living.

Define yourself as more than your looks. Think about your talents, skills, family, relationships, and what you offer the world.

Don’t freak out (too much) during bad hair, bad dress, or bad looks days. They happen to us all, they suck, but tomorrow is a new day.

Give up the makeup for 24 hours (best to do this when you are at home and undisturbed) and you might be surprised just how gorgeous you are (and there’s heaps of benefits like letting your skin breath)

And if you’re a regular reader of my newsletter, you know the drill.

Beauty comes from small shifts in lifestyle that mount up to become great changes.

Warmest regards

Leslie Munsell