Pumpkin Smoothies Promote Radiant Skin

Pumpkin smooth for beautiful skin

For some people, achieving healthy skin can be a tedious mission. Even if you’ve found the perfect routine to give your skin that subtle boost of warmth, you can achieve a natural, healthy glow that goes deep by implementing one simple ingredient into your diet: canned pumpkin. It’s the perfect additive to any smoothie recipe to give you that delicious pumpkin flavor, while also providing nutrients to promote healthy skin.

Why Is Pumpkin Good for You?

Canned pumpkin may reach its peak during the autumn months, but there’s no reason you can’t indulge in it all year. While consumers love the convenience, there are also substantial nutritional benefits to opening a can instead of carving an actual pumpkin.

Both forms of the fruit are excellent sources of fiber and contain healthy doses of vitamins C and E, along with beta-carotene. The difference is that canned pumpkin has had excess moisture removed. This concentrates the nutrients into a smaller package, making each bite (or drink) a powerful punch of goodness.

While fiber is widely known as a dietary necessity, beta-carotene is seldom discussed with that same reverence in spite of its incredible benefits. Significant consumption of beta-carotene can leave your skin looking naturally radiant.

What Is Beta-Carotene?

Beta-carotene falls under a larger umbrella of carotenoids, which are responsible for giving fruits and vegetables their pigments of orange, red or yellow. Likewise, when you eat enough of it, the pigment of your skin takes on those same warm tones. Rather than a synthetic orange hue, your skin produces a subtle glow that looks youthful and natural.

The benefits aren’t only aesthetic. Your body transforms beta-carotene into vitamin A, a nutrient that promotes healthy skin. Nutritionix.com confirms that one cup of canned pumpkin contains over 750 percent of the average person’s daily requirement of vitamin A. If you add even a quarter of a cup to your morning smoothie, you’re still well over the threshold for your daily recommended amount.

Carotenoids also work as antioxidants. When you maximize the antioxidants in your body, you increase the likelihood of reducing inflammation, improving your skin from the inside out and gaining potential long-term health benefits.

There are a number of studies that support beta-carotene’s ability to alter pigment and improve overall skin health. Because pumpkin is rich in this carotenoid, you’re receiving a significant dose of antioxidants and vitamin A each time you consume it.

Why Choose Pumpkin for Smoothies?

Pumpkin is not the only source of beta-carotene, but it’s certainly one of the most nutrient-dense options out there, especially when you buy it canned. While pumpkin pie and spiced lattes are popular, a healthier and more robust way to consume pumpkin is to incorporate it into a smoothie. Not only will you avoid the hazards of all that added sugar, but you’ll wind up with a creamier, richer smoothie.

To give smoothies the right texture, fruits like bananas or mangoes often act as thickeners. Substituting canned pumpkin will give you a higher concentration of beta-carotene, which will contribute to that beautiful glow your skin needs. While a pumpkin smoothie on its own is absolutely delicious, you can also use pumpkin solely for texture. Simply add in other fruits to create whichever flavor you’re craving.

The key with using canned pumpkin is to make sure you’re buying the puree, as opposed to pumpkin pie filling. They both come in similar cans, but pie filling contains added sugars and sweeteners. You’re best off sticking with pure pumpkin puree.

Look and Feel Your Best

Feeling beautiful starts at the surface. Once you’ve embraced the benefits of canned pumpkin and the antioxidants the beta-carotene provides, you’ll have the foundation to take your beauty to the next level. Check out more tips and tricks at Radiant Beauty Solutions.