Turning Back Time

Aging with beautiful skin

People don’t walk around with their age written on their foreheads, and for that we can all be thankful. Even though we do not have numbers on our bodies, most people look at the skin and use it to judge how old they think a person is.

Different people age at different rates based on factors such as genes, sun exposure, and overall health. No matter how old or young you are, people will think of your age based on how you look.

Luckily, it’s possible to reverse or minimize some of the signs of aging. Whether you are old or young, your skin works the same way, with the same important components. What changes is the speed at which these processes occur.

As you get older, your body slows down in producing and regenerating cells. However, if you make simple changes to your daily routine, you can begin to see changes in your skin. You can decrease the signs of aging and look younger to everyone around you.

The Real Problem

The first step in knowing how to reverse the clock and renew the youth of your skin is understanding what really needs to be fixed. For most people who fear aging or do not like the way they look as they age, their problems are often cosmetic. They see their main issue as wrinkles, stretch marks, dark spots, or other problems they can see in the mirror.

However, the real problem is below the surface. The root of aging is not in anything going wrong necessarily, but rather the processes that go on in the body are slowing down. When it comes to aging, it is all about collagen.

Collagen is a structural protein the human body produces that is responsible for the skin’s elasticity, texture, and firmness, which all contribute to how old or young the skin appears. The more collagen the body is producing, the younger the skin looks.

Unfortunately, there are only specific cells in the body that can produce collagen, which means that when they slow down in producing collagen, other cells can’t make up for that loss.

Looking for a Simple Fix

There are constant advertisements around us for products that will keep skin looking young or return it to its former glory. That is because these are the dreams of many women of all ages.

People try anti-aging creams at their local pharmacy or buy Korean facemasks off the internet. Some join network marketing companies to use formulas that claim to be pharmaceutical-grade ingredients for clinical solutions that will turn back the clock for your skin. Whether it is a serum, a chemical peel, or a Botox injection, the answers that are advertised in front of you every day often do not do what they promise and end up being a disappointment.

Even if they do provide temporary results, they do not address the root of the problem, so it can’t be solved for the long term.

These methods do not succeed in the long term because they do nothing to boost collagen production. Botox is essentially a paralytic to the muscles in your face, which does not help collagen.

Chemical peels and exfoliation merely remove old skin. This helps with the initial appearance of the skin, because newer skin is exposed, but it does not make the new skin look any younger or smoother. With a facelift, the skin is actually stretched to appear smooth, which is potentially more aging to the skin in the long run.

The Radiant Beauty Solution

If none of these popular treatments is a long-term solution, then what can be done? Since only specific cells produce collagen, and collagen is the main factor in the appearance of skin, then the solution must be aimed at the cells that produce collagen.

These cells need the proper nutrients in order to function at their healthiest capacity and maximize collagen production. A cream or surface-level treatment can’t give these cells the proper nutrients that they need. These cells need to be nourished directly from the inside out.

This can only be accomplished through nutrients you eat and absorb internally. That is the only way to feed these cells, maximize their production of collagen, and begin looking younger.

It would be daunting to collect and consume all of the foods that would most efficiently feed your collagen producing cells, but you don’t have to do it alone.

The Beauty Breakthrough from Radiant Beauty Solutions is perfectly formulated with the amount of nutrients your cells need each day, so you can make sure they are being nourished with very little effort on your part.

Instead of using creams or clinical treatments, you can drink your way to younger-looking and more beautiful skin without breaking the bank. With less than 10 minutes a day, you can kiss your crow’s feet goodbye.

Don’t wait to improve your confidence and learn more about the Beauty Breakthrough today.